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Become a Mason


Who can be a Mason? 

Organizations around the world practice slightly different forms of Freemasonry. The Grand Lodge of California admits men age 18 and older who believe in a supreme being and are found to be of good moral character. To become a Mason, a person must be recommended by two current members of the lodge and voted in unanimously by the members of a lodge.

Other Masonic groups have different requirements for membership—including co-ed and women’s lodges. For a list of other Masonic bodies in California, see here.

The reasons people become Masons are personal to them. However, some of the most common reasons include:

  • Forming lifelong friendships

  • Focusing on personal development

  • Helping others

  • Being part of a historic organization you can take pride in

  • Meeting people from different backgrounds who share your values

  • Engaging with the community

  • Learning time-tested leadership skills

  • Enjoying regular social activities

  • Connecting with a global network

Why should I apply to join?

In Person

3130 Huntington Dr

San Marino, CA 91108


Inquire About Membership

Over the Phone

Contact the Lodge

Tel: 626-285-8856


What are the degrees of Masonry?

New members progress through three degrees of Freemasonry, culminating with the Master Mason degree. Each degree involves a ceremony where the moral and ethical teachings of Masonry are expressed and illustrated. One of the most rewarding parts of becoming a Mason is receiving your degrees—and supporting others as they get theirs.

There are three degrees, each containing unique life lessons.

  • First degree: Entered Apprentice

  • Second degree: Fellow Craft

  • Third degree: Master Mason

How do I apply?

Candidates typically apply directly to the Masonic lodge they intend to join. To do this, you can either approach a lodge directly and request information or fill out this request for information, and we’ll reach out to help answer questions and connect you to a lodge. If there are multiple lodges in your area, it’s often a good idea to visit several. Since each Masonic lodge has a unique identity, you’ll be able to tell which fits what you’re looking for.

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